Sunday, November 27, 2022

Sadie Sunday

We brought Sadie home again after church today.  It helps give Virginia and Mike a little break to get some things done like getting groceries.
I was hoping she would take a nap so I let her watch the Bippie horse episode she likes.  It didn’t work. She ran and drug her bouncy horse to the front of the tv to watch.  It’s hard to take a nap in that position.

So we headed to the barn.  There was a little delay to give Kit Kat some attention.
Then she was all business.  She wanted to carry the halter, then called for Otoelene.  We brushed, cleaned feet, saddled, 
And lead around before getting on.  I was by myself, so I just lead her around, but she kept asking to trot.  She is just not ready for trotting without me riding with her, or at least another spotter on the ground.  So it was no to trotting. 
Another fun filled day with a Sadie.


Shirley said...

The day will come when she heads to the barn without you and learns how to climb aboard without help. Until then.... enjoy.

C said...

Sadie carrying that halter. She looks like a little trooper

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