Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving

What a beautiful day.  We were blessed to celebrate with my family.  Virginia, Mike, Sadie, Allie and nephew Matt were not able to join us.  But Virginia and Mike will bring the girls over tomorrow to continue the eating festivities.  I think they are doubly blessed to have Mikes family wanting to spend time with them too.
Emily made us a charcuterie board.  She made one last year and wasn’t happy that we didn’t eat it all fast enough.  She warned us that this would be her last attempt  if we didn’t eat enough.  I’m pretty sure we managed to clear enough for her to continue.  It was quite the treat.
I am thankful for a wonderful day with the family that could come.

I took this picture of Sadie last week when she was here.  I can imagine that is how most of us looked after such a wonderful meal.


Shirley said...

Yup I would look like that too! Looks like quite the spread! So important to have family get togethers. Our family is so spread out now that we only get together for funerals.

C said...

Wonderful to get together with family (nice spread). Sadie is so cute.

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