Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Draper For Sale Pictures

I haven’t had as much opportunity to ride Draper as I have wanted.  But I did get to ride her in the barn on Monday.  It was the best she had done in a long time. I didn’t lunge her at all.  She did great walking, trotting, cantering, pivoting, stopping, side passing, leg yielding.  I even worked on dragging some milk jugs around.  I really felt like she was something I could work with again.  Plus, she did so well on the two trail rides we went on.  I think I will still offer her for sale, but may not work that hard on it.  I have advertised her on a couple of sites, so thought I would try to get some good pictures before she gets fat again.

I thought I would include one of how relaxed she was on the trail.

A right side,

Left side
And rear views.  Now I am ready in case anyone asks about her.

I hope I don’t end up on any bad pictures blogs!


Shirley said...

Pics look good! Lots of people will ask for videos of her at all 3 gaits so that might be something else to have handy.

C said...

I'm glad to hear that Draper is performing better. I think the pictures look good (no bad for sale pictures in the lot)

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