Saturday, September 10, 2022

Couponing #78

I had a fun day today.  I did 3 different scenarios which all worked.  Then Virginia said she needed some Doritos for a recipe she had found,  and asked if there was a scenario for that.  Why, yes there  is, I just did one.
First. I did a deal for a $14.75 cent bag of cat food, then for a $4.75 gallon of milk.  I paid a total of  $15.80 plus tax. Then, everything above was FREE.
 Then just because I could, I did a third deal.  I told the cashier (manager) that I was trying for a low out of pocket.  When she hit total she yelled, give me 29 cents!  She didn’t give me the receipt for this one and I forgot to ask.  But when I got to the car, I had something extra in my biggie that I ended up not needing but had forgotten to put back.  So I went in to return it.  And there she was, going around the store trying to copy what I did.  I showed her which razors and told her I had left one for her.  Doesn’t hurt to have a manager on your side.

Then Virginia’s deal had the Doritos, Pepsi, two packs of diaper wipes, 2 toothbrushes, a travel size scope, 2 cans of cashews, and razors.  She paired, $2.85 plus tax.  The cashier said “wow!”  She also said she couldn’t believe that someone would pay $30 for all of that but just the Doritos would have been $5 at Food Lion. She said couponing was like a scavenger hunt.  I told her she didn’t do any of the planning, watching YouTube videos and and reading FB posts.  She replied,  “Well it is like a kid going on a scavenger hunt that the parent put together.”  It was a fun day that I was glad to be able to share with my daughter.

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C said...

29 cents - wow.

great to get a manager as an ally

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