Friday, September 9, 2022

Digging Up Bones

Death is part of life here on the farm.  Unfortunately, sometimes animals die.  When that happens, we have a graveyard of sorts.  It is a cut out place that makes a bit of a gulley at the border of some woods and the hay field.  So, with that prelude, some bones have been showing up in the yard again.
Thank you Zipper.  This is the rear leg of a cow.
And the skull and a couple of other bones are in the field next to the house.  They just haven’t made it though the fence yet.
The blue dot is the house and the blue dotted line ends at the graveyard.  That is almost 0.7 miles away.  Zipper is a very industrious dog.


Shirley said...

Very industrious dog!

C said...

wow. dittos on Shirley's comment

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