Monday, September 12, 2022

Trying Out Hugo

 We headed down the road 1 1/2 hours, to try out another horse.  I think this one is really for sale.  Hugo is a 14 hand, 7 year old gelding two friends bought 3 years ago to train and resale.  He was advertised as more of a trail horse.  He was in no way finished in arena work.  He seemed to like to trot but was very reluctant to canter or stay cantering.   He would continue to be a project horse.  

                                                             He is also of undetermined breeding, once again coming from a rescue situation.  

After watching the owner ride, I got on for a bit then Joe.

He was a little reactive on the ground, sort of flinchy and unsure.  The owner said he has come a long way.

There was plenty of other stuff  going on around him including a pig, a donkey, every kind of fowl, and 4-5 other horses.  We will have to think on this one some more.

I’m sort of on the fence about this one.  He might make a good kids horse for Sadie and Allie in a couple of more years, but probably not much of an endurance horse for Joe.  We will sleep on it.
Here is a link to the video the owner made.  The men are over 6 feet tall.


Shirley said...

I think Hugo is cute and has potential as a kids horse. He may be sore in his back which would account for his reluctance to stay in the lope.
I still think you should check out Standardbreds before deciding. Here we have a group called Performance Standardbreds who work with them in most performance events. Remember they were originally bred to cover ground and go long distances, and they do have such calm minds. And they are usually tough and sound unless they have been over used on the track.

C said...

"Hugo the wonder horse" a bit of marketing hyperbole. Your video showed Hugo's reluctance to go. Hugo seemed to prefer to go slow. He is no Jessica. I'm glad you mentioned that the men were over 6 feet because they made Hugo look very small. Their video seemed complete in its coverage and Hugo seemed to do it all easily so I can see why you went for a real look.

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