Saturday, September 17, 2022

High Alert

Horses don’t like change. They are keen to notice anything different and assume it is something that could eat them until proven otherwise.
This is Otoelene on high alert.  What was going to eat her you might wonder.
It looks like a pile of dirt.  Joe corrected me and said it was gravel.  But then when he was fixing the driveway with it he said he could grow corn in it.  It was better than the dirt in our garden. Otoelene didn’t care about any of that. She just kept snorting at it.

That is until we got outside, then she took off.  In my defense, I was using a rough nylon lead rope and didn’t really care to get a rope burn from it so I let go.  She is not that hard to catch.

She finally got over herself and decided it wasn’t going to eat her after all.
Next up was Draper.  She was pretty suspicious.
But none of the drama that Otoelene had.

And this is why I use a rough nylon lead rope.  I don’t want Draper destroying my good ones.


C said...

Such drama :)

Shirley said...

Hahaha that eye!
Richard Shrake once said that curiosity in a horse is a sign of intelligence; the more curious they are (as compared to reactive) the smarter they are.

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