Tuesday, September 20, 2022

New Arrival

We decided to get Hugo.  We went for more of a grandchild pony than endurance horse.  We are hoping that a couple of more years of riding had hauling around will make him a solid citizen.
He did well, never blew up about anything, but not totally relaxed either. 
I tied Hank up in the barn for some good calming vibes.

Joe walked him around everywhere to show him his territory.  We lunged him and did some ground work.

Then it was on with the saddle.  He accepted each step with a little apprehension but that was about it.
When Joe got on, Hugo was a little nervous and didn’t want to stand still.  We are guessing this was his first time being ridden in a barn.
Lots of walking and stopping.  His stop isn’t much and he seems to know nothing of giving his face with rein pressure, but there is always something to work on with any horse.
Then Joe rode him around outside for a bit.  No issues there.  I think we might try to take him out on a trail ride this weekend. 


Shirley said...

Hugo will be living his best life with you guys! Wait until Sadie sees him....

C said...

Dittos on what Shirley said :)

I hope Hugo does well for Joe while the grandchildren get old enough.

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