Sunday, September 11, 2022

Sadie Sunday

I brought Sadie home with me after church today.  The first thing she always wants to do is to go to the barn and see the horses.
Zipper headed down to the barn with us.
We took several laps around on a Otoelene then down the driveway and back.  She wasn’t ready to get off, she kept saying more, more.  My next job is finding a helmet to fit Sadie. 
We finally got her off and headed back to the house.  After lunch and a Sadie nap, it was another trip to the barn to let the horses out to graze.  Sadie always likes to check on the hay situation.  She is very concerned about the horses having enough hay.
Got a picture with a proud pop pop. 
And when Mike and Virginia came to pick up Sadie, they had Allie.  At least I got a picture this time. 


C said...

What a little horsewoman she is :)

Shirley said...

My favourite little girl kid ! Love that photo with the hay!

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