Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Hugo Verses Jessica

Joe and I have been discussing Hugo and putting together a pros and cons list.  It is about even.  Hugo could be something for a Joe to ride and work on to ultimately be a pony for the grandchildren.  In the meantime, we could still be looking for an endurance horse for Joe. But while riding Hugo was fresh, I decided to ride Jessica today as a comparison.
She has never been the same since her bout with Lyme disease, but she is always willing to go.
She can still out walk anyone.  

The only thing slowing her down is she gets pretty winded going up hill. 
Jessica is 2 inches taller than  Hugo but rides much more like a big horse.  But large, broke, young ponies don’t seem to come up for sale around here too often.  Still some more thinking to do. 

1 comment:

C said...

Sadie is certainly showing signs of loving horses and riding

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