Monday, September 5, 2022

More Of Emily’s Visit

Sunday, before they left, Keiran and Emily did a little more archery.
Emily decided to pull out her bow she got when she was about 8.  It was much easier to use but not nearly as powerful as the one Keiran had made.
Joe practiced with Keiran’s some more but had to put on some leather gloves to protect his hands.  The bow string is pretty tough on fingertips. 
Allie even made an appearance.  Emily gave her some out door time on the porch which I think they both enjoyed.
Then it was down to the barn.  Keiran gave Otoelene a try and then it was Sadies turn.
I told Emily to pick whatever she wanted from the garden.  I think she got a nice selection.  It is always special to have my girls back home.


Shirley said...

I tried pulling a bow many years ago but quickly found it's not for me. Kudos to those who can shoot one accurately!

C said...

what a nice visit. really cute shot of Emily with Allie

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