Saturday, September 24, 2022

First Trail Ride With Hugo

The weather was perfect for a trail ride today, so we headed up the road to horse heaven.
I gave Otoelene a little Bute before we left and I will give her another dose tomorrow. Hopefully, she won’t be sore tomorrow (she has navicular).  From this angle, they look the same size.
But Otoelene dwarfs Hugo from this one. 

Joe lunged  Hugo around an a couple of circles and he was ready to go.
He certainly didn’t mind being in the lead.  And Otoelene didn’t mind falling behind.  We would trot occasionally to catch up.
               We saw a couple of new things this time.  I have never seen gentian growing up here before.

And we saw a mama bear with 3 cubs. (Although I can’t find them in the pictures I took).  Joe spotted them first and stopped.  I think the horses heard them but didn’t react past perking their ears up.

Hugo was pretty chill the whole time.
Joe was surprised at how well he did.  When he was in the back, he checked his speed and never got on Otoelene’s tail.
I think Hugo has found his calling as a pleasure trail horse.  Joe is already planning more rides.
I just hope Otoelene can keep up until Draper gets home from boot camp.
And we will have to get the horse trailer inspected so we can get out of the cattle trailer.

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C said...

"I think Hugo has found his calling as a pleasure trail horse. Joe is already planning more rides." Happy news. It sounds like Hugo is more of a goer speed-wise than he appeared in the videos.

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