Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Twice In One Week

 Joe is loving riding Hugo.  He is so calm and steady out on the trail.  So today, we headed to the trails again this time doing the 8 1/2 mile Iron Mountain loop.  The temperature was in the upper 50’s and a little breezy, but very comfortable.

Hugo was a dream again.  He may have lifted up his head a little bit when a bicycle meet us but that was about it. We also met a hiker with a couple of dogs, no reaction there either. 

He does great out in front, walking on without any encouragement.
Did I mention he is barefoot?  Our other horses can barely walk around in the field without shoes, and here is Hugo on gravel roads and rocky trails no problem.  (When I turned around to snap this picture, Joe asked if I wanted him to take my picture from back there.  He said he could caption it “two big hips”.  I did not give him the camera.)
The horse trailer doesn’t have an updated inspection so we have been using the cattle trailer.  Hugo loads in it fine.  But Otoelene isn’t liking the noise her shoes make on the aluminum floor.  It is quite loud. If we keep up all this trail riding, we are going to have to get the horse trailer going again. 


Shirley said...

Sounds like Hugo has found the right home! Love that he's barefoot, I have had my horses barefoot for many years. If I think the terrain will be too rough I put front boots on them- Cavallo Treks are my favourite.

C said...

Wonderful to hear how well Hugo is doing.

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